Financial Services

Helping a regional bank take the national stage


A regional banking company with aspirations of becoming a national player.


When our work began, the bank was strong in its home state with $3.5 billion in assets but virtually unknown outside the region. A brilliant, young new CEO took the helm, determined to embark on the acquisition trail and build the bank into a national powerhouse. Strategic communications would play a major role in the rollup that followed.

Strategy and Plan:

By leveraging the bank's financial progress, a successful track record of acquisitions and the CEO's persona, N&A was able to focus the national news media spotlight on the bank. Coverage included a page one profile in The Wall Street Journal, as well as prominent coverage in BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and major broadcast outlets. The regional bank was positioned as one of the nation's most dynamic financial service companies.


Strategic communications was a key element in stimulating investor interest and creating awareness for the bank's brand with key audiences. The stock began trading at a higher multiple than its competitors, thus attracting more investors. The bank ultimately grew to number one in New England and the 8th largest in the nation.